New Technology Combination Speeds Mastitis Diagnosis and Treatment

Mastitis remains one of the most costly animal health challenges in the milking herd. Early diagnosis is key to treatment, and a new technology combination of Mastatest and BoviSync helps to streamline the mastitis diagnostic process and assignment of treatment protocols.
The Mastatest system offers a completely new approach to on-farm mastitis testing. Using a patented cartridge system it takes just seconds to start a diagnostic test. The system then automatically analyzes the milk sample and indicates the presence and type of bacteria. All results are emailed to the producer and loaded to a cloud-based data platform within 24 hours.

“We understand the importance of accurately and quickly diagnosing mastitis,” says Dr. Olaf Bork, Mastaplex CEO. “Mastatest gives dairy producers the ability to pinpoint cows requiring treatment, assign them to treatment protocols and get cows quickly on the path back to recovery.”

Tracking mastitis incidence and managing treatment protocols is critically important to reducing herd mastitis levels. With its direct interface with BoviSync, Mastatest makes tracking incidence and treatment protocols seamless. The BoviSync system can input data directly from Mastatest into its robust herd management software program so treatment protocols can be assigned to the proper employee teams.

“Protocol drift is a common problem on dairy farms and it’s important for producers to be able to manage data to make sure employees are following protocols every time,” says David Cook, BoviSync CEO. “BoviSync is designed to interface with a variety of software programs, but our interface with Mastatest makes it especially easy to track mastitis incidence, effectively assign treatment protocols and follow up to make sure protocols are followed to reduce drift.”

The accuracy of Mastatest and the ease at which results can be uploaded to BoviSync makes it easier to identify and implement proper treatment protocols. With the right diagnosis available, producers can decide on a treatment protocol that may or may not include antibiotics.

“Mastatest is very simple to use and results can be loaded into BoviSync and automatically plugged into treatment protocols,” says Corey Hodorff, who uses Mastatest to manage mastitis on his 1,200-cow dairy near Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. “We are using less antibiotics by only treating the cows that need to be treated and using the right antibiotic to treat specific bacteria.”

The combination of Mastatest and BoviSync makes it more efficient to treat mastitis cases. Producers receive a quick diagnosis to understand which cows require treatment and which cows will recover on their own. This quick and accurate analysis ensures cows are treated with the right antibiotic, and they spend less time in the hospital pen. Shorter hospital pen stays reduces treatment costs and helps speed the return to saleable milk. All of this leads to a better return on investment for the producer.

It is part of a thriving agritech sector in New Zealand, that leads the world in developing and launching innovative solutions to major agricultural challenges. Mastaplex is on a mission to revolutionise veterinary point-of-care diagnostics. Their first product, Mastatest, is the simple, automated on-farm mastitis diagnostic that informs optimal mastitis management decisions. It takes just seconds to fill the patented Mastatest cartridge with a mastitis milk sample and start the test on the Lapbox hardware device. Samples are automatically monitored using an electronic eye during the incubation time, with the data transferred to the cloud for analysis and interpretation. Results are returned to the farmer by email, and saved in the online customer portal. Data can also be integrated in various herd management software options such as BoviSync and DairyComp. With data from Mastatest, farmers know within 24hrs of starting a test whether there is bacteria present in the sample, what species it is, whether antibiotic treatment is required or not, and what their vets recommended treatment plan is. Using Mastatest, farmers and veterinarians can reduce antibiotic use and avoid unnecessary milk withholding-periods, thus reducing treatment costs. The Mastatest data management options ensure all data is automatically retained, and can be analyzed for trends to inform future herd decisions.


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